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Our Magnificent Teachers

As you know, South Cobb's magnet program produces hardworking and high achieving students. With this being said, we want to highlight the often under-appreciated backbone of our magnet program, our magnet teachers!

Magnet Coordinator

Ms. Angela Hurley

Our Magnificent Teachers: List

AP Statistics & Honors Algebra II

Mr. Victor Burrell

 Accelerated  & AP Pre-Calculus 

Ms. Andrea Farmer

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Research, Internship, and AP Biology

Dr. Terry Davis

Biotechnology & Medical Sciences

Dr. Felicia Goodman

M. Anatomy, M. Biology, Medical Science & Research 2

Dr, Tiffany Jones

 AP Physics, Magnet Chemistry 

Mr. Eduardo Ramos

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AP Biology, Magnet Foundation, & AP Environmental Science

Ms. Martha Sanderson

Honors Algebra I & AP Calculus AB/BC

Ms. Cynthia Schopke

Honors Geometry & Pre-Calculus

Ms. Rika Wheaton

Biotechnology and Forensics

Ms. Shellie Harris

Our Magnificent Teachers: List
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