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Magnet Parent Association

The Academy of Research and Medical Sciences (ARMS) at South Cobb High School (SCHS) Magnet Parent Association (MPA) supports the dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff to help each child succeed and thrive.  The MPA, a 501(c) (3) organization, was established to provide resources beyond those currently provided by the Cobb County School District. The MPA funds magnet student and faculty activities that supplement and/or enhance the curriculum, available technology, and student exposure and growth.
Family membership is the main fundraising vehicle for the MPA. Donations are also solicited from individuals and businesses to support the Magnet program. Names of contributors are listed on the Magnet Website and the programs at the White Coat and Graduation Ceremonies. If you are an individual making a donation, you can also make your gift go further if your company has a Matching Gifts Program. If your donation is matched you will be recognized at the next appropriate star level. You will receive a thank you letter that will serve as a receipt. 
Membership in the MPA is voluntary. However, we feel that each family should donate at the level they are able. To be considered a full member in good standing, we ask that each family support the MPA with a donation of at least $100 per student enrolled. Contributions are tax deductible; MPA is a 501(c) (3) organization. Or IRS Tax ID is 04-3739110.
Funds are used for: Eagle Flyby, teacher appreciation meals, field trips, printing materials, gift cards for speakers, awards/plaques, magnet family social activities, assistance to Magnet Guidance Counselor for special events, Open House, shirts for students and BPA board, gift cards, White Coat & Graduation Ceremonies, senior scholarship of $500, and operating expenses.
Donations may also be made on-line by clicking “Donations.” Click on the blue box “I want to Donate” where you can donate at any level. Be sure to include your student’s name and matching company information if available in the “notes to Seller” at checkout. You may also use the form below to donate.

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