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The Academy of Research and Medical Sciences at South Cobb High School was formed in the fall of 2000 for students interested in medicine, science, and research.  Our goal is to provide a unique learning environment to fit the need of students interested in these areas. Students in our program have gone on to pursue careers in various fields including veterinary science, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, psychology, medical research, and epidemiology.

The Academy faculty and staff make it our mission to engage students by using our scientific and medical expertise to help drive instruction and student interests. While research and medical sciences represent the two strands of study you will find in every course, each faculty and staff member has a specific body of knowledge that will be used to help students achieve their goals. The rigorous, four-year program culminates in an advanced, personalized scientific research project and an accompanying internship with a professional working in each student's area of interest. This typically means working with local medical professionals, institutions of higher learning, and businesses.

Our goal is to develop an educational environment that will encourage student growth and provide exposure to current trends in medicine and research throughout the four year program. Students in the magnet program participate in all the extracurricular activities offered at South Cobb. More importantly, students are aware it is their duty to participate in various sports, clubs, and organizations in order to become well-rounded individuals. Many magnet students hold leadership positions within the school’s academic, athletic, and social communities. In addition, students are encouraged to enter local, state, and national science competitions to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Community service is another critical aspect of the program. Magnet students must complete a minimum of 350 hours of community service in order to graduate with a magnet seal. Students are encouraged to volunteer at South Cobb High School as well as other schools and institutions, the community at large, and in their area of interest.

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